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Stories from the past seven days

Chillicothe City Council Considering Contracts & Budgets  3/24 12pm
The Chillicothe City Budget will be set at Monday's Chillicothe City Council meeting at 6:30pm at City Hall. A public hearing and ordinance to set the city and the CMU budgets will be on the agenda.
     Other agenda items include allocation of the general sales tax, a request to purchase property on Clay street from the city, ordinances for annual service contracts plus contracts for services with Adam Warren and with Rumery and Associates plus adopting a collective bargaining provision with the police.

Trenton Budgets On Council Agenda  3/24 12pm
    Three ordinances are on the Trenton City Council agenda Monday at 7:00pm.
     The agenda includes presentation of the Trenton City budget for the upcoming fiscal year, the Trenton Municipal Utilities budget, and a contract with Irvinbilt of Chillicothe for installing raw water valves.
     New business includes approval of a bid for a tractor for the sewer department and discussion about boats on the reservoir.

Meadville Woman Guilty of Poisoning Her Child  3/24 12pm
     A Meadville woman has been found guilty by a St Louis jury in a child poisoning case. Rachel Kinsella of Meadville was found guilty of Assault with serious physical injury and endangering the welfare of a child in poisoning her child with prescription medication.
     The child survived the attempted poisoning that began in March of 2014 and continued into 2015 at their home in the St Louis area.
     A sentencing hearing has been set for May 26th for Kinsella.

Trenton Teen Dies Of Injuries In Earlier Accident  3/24 6am
     A Trenton teen injured in a rollover accident earlier this week died of his injuries. Nineteen year old Jose S Barron IV died Wednesday in Columbia of the injuries he suffered Monday morning in Pettis County. State Troopers reported Barron was southbound on US 65, south of I-70, at about 8:20 am, when he ran off the road and struck the ditch. His car overturned and he was ejected out the rear window. He was flown to University Hospital, where he died two days later. He was not wearing a safety belt.

Legislative Forum Today In Chillicothe  3/24 6am
     Chillicothe's representation at the State Capitol will be in Chillicothe today for a legislative forum, hosted by the Chillicothe Commerce Center. The forum begins at 3:30 pm at the Chillicothe Comfort Inn and Suites. Senator Denny Hoskins and Representative Rusty Black will each give updates about their district and state as the current legislative session enters its spring break.
     The forum will include time for questions following their remarks. Light refreshments will be served. The event, is free and open to the public.

Chillicothe Police Report  3/24 6am
     Chillicothe Police reported one arrest this week and other investigations.
     Tuesday, officers arrested Angela Stock in the 600 block of Walnut Street on a Livingston County warrant for alleged failure to pay or appear. She was processed and released after posting the required bond.
     Thursday morning, officers responded to the area of Keith and Samuel for an illegally parked vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the scene.
     An investigation of stealing began Thursday in the 200 block of Wilson Street. That investigation continues.

Livingston County Sheriff's Report  3/24 6am
     The Livingston County Sheriff's Department report includes several investigations and arrests.
     March 5th, deputies investigated a child not attending Southwest School. A report was sent to the prosecuting attorney.
     Deputies completed an investigation of exploitation of the elderly. That report was also sent to the prosecuting attorney.
     March 8th, the department's K9 assisted the Chillicothe Police Department with an investigation. The dog indicated the presence of a controlled substance at two locations. A suspect was arrested.
     Several juvenile issues were investigated, including harassment and inappropriate photos on cell phones. Parents and the school authorities were contacted and the reports were sent to the juvenile office.
     March 17th, lumber was reported stolen from a location in Chula. That investigation continues.
     Tuesday, deputies began a trash dumping investigation on Route V. A Chillicothe man was cited for alleged littering.
     Two were arrested and taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.
       34 year old Tylee Wheelbarger on a probation violation
       62 year old Timothy S Anderson of Dawn for alleged violation bond conditions .

Troopers Arrest Utica Man  3/24 6am
     State Troopers arrested a Utica man in Caldwell County Thursday afternoon. Fifty-eight year old Ronald Singer was arrested at about 1:50 pm for alleged DWI, careless and imprudent driving and no valid insurance. Singer was taken to the Caldwell County Detention Center on a 24 hour hold.

Grass Fire and False Alarm  3/24 6am
     Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to a grass fire and an automated alarm Thursday afternoon.
     At about 3:40 pm, a fire was reported in the 2000 block of Redbud Lane for a grass fire. They arrived in about three minutes to find about nine acres of grass and brush burning. The fire had spread on to a property to the north and to the Green Hills Golf Course. Fire fighters used about 1000 gallons of water to put out the fire. Damage was limited to grass and brush. The fire crew was on the scene for about an hour and 15 minutes.
     At about 6:05, an automated alarm at Citizens Bank summoned Chillicothe Fire Fighters. They arrived in about two minutes and found the alarm panel indicating smoke in the training center on Locust Street. A thermal imaging camera was used to check the building. No smoke or fire were found. The alarm was reset and the fire crew was on the scene for about 10 minutes.

Black Still Teaching Ag At State Legislature  3/24 6am
     As National Ag week wraps up, a retired teacher says he is still teaching Agriculture to his colleagues at the State Capitol. Representative Rusty Black taught Ag for many years in the Chillicothe R-II School District before he retired and ran for and won the State Representatives seat last fall. Black says he finds himself in a position of learning a lot in the first part of the session, and he says he still teaches others.
          <Audio:Black 1>
     Black says overall, he does see support for Agriculture at the state legislature.

CMU Budget Set At $15.2 Million  3/23 12pm
     Chillicothe Municipal Utilities 2017-18 fiscal budget includes revenues of nearly $15.2 million and expenditures of just over $14.6 million. The board of Public Works approved that budget earlier this month, and the Chillicothe city council will give their final approval at Monday's Council meeting. CMU General Manager Jim Gillilan says this budget includes about $1.6 million in capital expenditures.
          <Audio:Gillilan 1>
     They will also replace 10 fire hydrants as part of the flow test and maintenance program.
     A cost of living increase is proposed and the final amount will be announced when the Council approves the budget.

Area Libraries Receive Grant Funding  3/23 12pm
     The Missouri Secretary of State's Office announced grant awards for two area libraries.
     Carrollton Public Library received a Summer Library Program grant in the amount of $4,618 to conduct an eight-week summer reading programs for children ages birth to 13 years.
     The Grundy County-Jewett Norris Library received a Technology Mini Grant in the amount of $8,506 to improve its computer lab services by adding fourteen laptop computers.
     The Grants are funded by the Library Services and Technology Act through the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Use Caution At Rail Crossings  3/23 12pm
     Rail Crossing safety is an important topic for the Missouri Highway Patrol, because when a passenger vehicle collides with a train, they never win. Sergeant Jake Angle from the St Joseph Highway Patrol headquarters says there are about 4,800 miles of railroad tracks across the state of Missouri. There are also about 73,000 public and private railroad crossings in Missouri. Angle says that provides may opportunities to interact with rail traffic. He says you need to pay attention at the rail crossing.
          <Audio:Sgt Angle 1>
     In 2016, Missouri experienced 27 railroad-related traffic crashes. In those crashes, six people were killed and 13 sustained injuries, of which, seven were disabling. These crashes are not only tragic, but they are preventable. Remember a train cannot stop quickly.
          <Audio:Sgt Angle 2>
     When approaching a rail crossing, slow down, look both ways, look again and proceed with caution.

Superintendent OK'd To Approve Change Orders  3/23 6am
     The Chillicothe R-II School Board approved an adjustment to how they will handle change orders for the construction of the new elementary school. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes says this change gives him more authority to give immediate approval of the change requests.
          <Audio:Barnes 1>
     Barnes says the board will still review and approve the change orders.
          <Audio:Barnes 2>
     The change orders in the past month included items that were several thousand dollars as either increases or decreases. The net from the changes the board reviewed Tuesday was a decrease of more than $700.

School District Health Insurance Cost Increases  3/23 6am
     Chillicothe R-II School District employees will have the same health insurance, but the rates are increasing. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes says the increase is about 6%.
          <Audio:Barnes 1>
     Barnes says the Health Care Consortium is also urging the members to take advantage of a wellness program.
          <Audio:Barnes 2>
     Barnes says the board is very happy with the participation in the Health Care Consortium.

Police Report One Investigation And Arrest  3/23 6am
     Chillicothe Police report includes one arrest and an investigation.
     Tuesday evening, Chillicothe Police and the State Fire Marshals Office began an investigation into the fire in the 800 block of Jansen. The call came in about 6:35 pm and the fire crews were on the scene for a couple hours. The investigation has since been turned over to the Fire Marshal's office.
     Wednesday, Chillicothe Police Officers arrested Brandon Scott Simpson on a Missouri parole violation warrant. He was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail and is held with no bond allowed.

Troopers Arrest Chillicothe Man  3/23 6am
     A Chillicothe man was arrested by State Troopers Wednesday afternoon. Thirty-four year old Matthew Pike was arrested at about 2:25 in Livingston County for alleged DWI and on a registration violation. He was processed and released.

Ag Week - Black Talks About Changes In The Ag Field  3/23 6am
     As we celebrate National Ag Week, we acknowledge changes in agriculture and the size of the family farms. State Representative Rusty Black was an Ag Teacher for many years before he was elected as State Representative last fall. He says he has his roots in agriculture.
          <Audio:Black 1>
     Black says he lived through the farm crisis of the 80's and had to adjust his career path, which brought him to teaching agriculture. He says as an Ag Teacher, he saw many changes, including what was considered the Ag fields of study.
          <Audio:Black 2>
     Black says as a State Representative, there are times he is still teaching his colleagues about the ag industry. He will talk more about that on Friday.

Bradley Named Legion Fire Fighter For MW Region   3/22 12pm
     A Chillicothe Firefighter is named the American Legion "Firefighter of the Year" for the Midwest Region. The award is presented to Chillicothe Fire Department's Lieutenant Tracy Bradley by the National American Legion Law and Order Committee. In 2016, Bradley was nominated by Vern R. Glick American Legion Post 25 and Chillicothe Fire Chief Darrell Wright for the Legion's State "Firefighter of the Year" award and won.
     Chief Wright says the entire department is very proud of Lieutenant Bradley.
          <Audio:Wright 1>
     Bradley will receive the American Legion "Firefighter of the Year" for the Midwest Region at the Missouri Convention this summer. She also advances for consideration for the National "Firefighter of the Year" award.

CMU Approved Two New Policies  3/22 12pm
     Chillicothe Municipal Utilities has instituted two new policies that will take effect April 1st. General Manager Jim Gillilan says the policies are for connection charges and pro-rated fees. Gillilan says currently they is no connection fee, but beginning April 1st, they will charge $25 for a new customer or if a customer changes the location of their service. He says the pro-rated fees could lower the bill for the first or last month of a service.
          <Audio:Gillilan 1>
     Again, the new policies for CMU will begin April 1st.

Seatbelt Enforcement in Chillicothe  3/22 12pm
     Chillicothe Police and the Missouri Highway Patrol conducted a seatbelt and child restrain enforcement near Field School Wednesday morning. Detective John Maples says they had officers on Maple Street, JFK Avenue, and Tenth Street for the operation that began at 7:15. During the 45 minute operation, Maples says officers made 8 contacts, issuing 12 tickets and 7 warnings.
          <Audio:Maples 1>
     Tickets issued Wednesday morning include: 3 for under 16 without a seatbelt, 5 under 8 without a seatbelt, 2 drivers without seatbelt, one for no insurance and one for a stop sign violation.
Warnings issued included: 2 for under 16 without a seatbelt, 1 for no insurance, 2 stop sign violations and 2 miscellaneous warnings
     Maples say they plan to do additional operations like this in the future, as funding and manpower are available.

County Commission Meets Thursday  3/22 12pm
     The Livingston County Commissioners meet Thursday in regular session. The meeting begins at 9:30 am in the commission room. They will also travel to Trenton to attend the Green Hills Regional Planning meeting, from 12:30 to 3:00 pm. Other items on the agenda include county road and bridge matters and administrative and departmental duties.

Hoskins & Black To Attend Legislative Forum  3/22 12pm
     Senator Denny Hoskins and Representative Rusty Black will be in Chillicothe Friday for a legislative forum, hosted by the Chillicothe Commerce Center. The Forums begins at 3:30 pm, at the Chillicothe Comfort Inn and Suites. Hoskins and Black will each give updates about their district and the state as the current legislative session enters their spring break.
     The forum will include time for questions following their remarks. Light refreshments will be served. The event, is free and open to the public.

Board Approved 2nd Round of School Bond Sales  3/22 6am
     Chillicothe R-II School Board officially approved the second round of bond sales Tuesday night, to support the construction of the new elementary school. The total amount of the sale is $5.5 million dollars. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes explains.
          <Audio:Barnes 1>
     Barnes says the premium Bonds total 10% or $550,000. The money from the bond sales will be in the districts bank account on April 4th.

Moving Fiber Optic Line To Cost District $10,500  3/22 6am
     A fiber optic line along US 65, near the new school construction site will need to be buried deeper at a cost of more than $10,000. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes told the board the this needs to be done for the new road.
          <Audio:Barnes 1>
     School Board member Pat Jones says this is something the board should have been informed about by the contractor early on when the One Call location service checked the area. The cost to excavate and bury the 500 foot section of the fiber optic cable three feet deeper is $10,500.

Chillicothe Police Investigate Child Molestation  3/22 6am
     The Chillicothe Police Department investigated a report of Child molestation Monday at about 9:00 am. Officers report the incident is alleged to have occurred 13 years ago in the 1400 block of McVey Street. A report was sent to the Juvenile office.
     Officers responded to three domestic disturbances; Monday in the 1000 block of Locust, and Tuesday near Webster and Locust and the 1000 block of Third. All three incidents were considered verbal and no arrests were made.

House Fire And Two Grass Fires  3/22 6am
     Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to two grass fires and a house fire Tuesday.
     The House fire was at 821 Jansen Street and the call came in about 6:35 pm and the fire crew arrived within three minutes to find fire on the north side of the home. They used about 800 gallons of water to put out the fire that was contained to the outside of the building and a basement floor joist. There was also smoke damage to the inside of the home. No-one was home at the time of the fire. The fire crew was on the scene for just under two hours.
     A grass fire was reported about 4:30 at 11068 Highway O. The fire crew arrived about 12 minutes later to find about 30 large bales of hay on fire. The owner was using a tractor to disc around the bales to keep the fire from spreading. They decided to let the fires burn them selves out. The fire crew was on the scene for about 15 minutes.
     The other grass fire was called in just before 5:00 pm and was at 14650 Route CC. the fire crew arrived in about 5 minutes to find two small fires that were approaching a house and shed. The owner was concerned he was losing control of the fires that had burned about two acres. They helped to contain the fires and the owner continued to monitor them. The fire crew was on the scene for about 45 minutes

Troopers Arrest Three In Area Counties  3/22 6am
     State Troopers reported three arrests Tuesday in the area counties.
     At about 8:00 pm in Linn County, troopers arrested 30 year old Brian Harris of West Burlington, Iowa for alleged speeding, no insurance and on a Saline County warrant for alleged stealing. He was held at the Macon County Jail.
     In Daviess County at about 11:30 pm, Troopers arrested two Pattonsburg residents. 40 year old Cayla Parkison was arrested for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia and on a Cameron probation and parole warrant. 51 year old Robert Parkison was arrested for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia and on a Jefferson City probation and parole warrant.  Both were taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail with no bond allowed.

Chillicothe Ag Issues Team Presents For School Board  3/22 6am
     The Chillicothe FFA Ag Issues team made their presentation to the Chillicothe R-II School Board Tuesday evening. The issue this year is “Should the most recent Farm Bill allocate more funds for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)?” The team members presented the issue, and gave arguments on both sides.
     The team members, all Juniors, select the topic and need to do their own research.
     They recently came in first at the area competition and will have district competition next week
     If they move forward, the state completion is in mid-April.

Suspect Swallowed Drugs During An Arrest  3/21 12pm
     0A traffic stop Saturday resulted in a suspect taken to a Kansas City hospital after he swallowed suspected drugs. A Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy in Utica stopped the suspicious vehicle Saturday evening. Two men were in the vehicle and both were on probation. Sheriff Steve Cox says the driver was found with a baggy of suspected methamphetamine, which was placed on the hood of the vehicle. As the suspect was being arrested, Cox says the man resisted, grabbed the baggy and swallowed it. After he was handcuffed, he was taken to Hedrick Medical Center for treatment for the substance he swallowed. He was later transferred to a hospital in Kansas City for additional treatment.
     Reports were sent to the prosecuting attorney and the probation and parole department.

Eight Headed To Prison Following Court Appearances  3/21 12pm
     Eight Detainees from Livingston County will soon be transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections. These eight were recently sentenced in Livingston County court.
     29 year old Sean P. Biller of Chillicothe, 7 years on a Probation Violation
     24 year old Tyler M. Gibson of Chillicothe, 4 years and an ITP program on a violation of an order of protection.
     23 year old Austin R. Holstine of Chillicothe, 7 years for assault. He is already in prison on other charges.
     43 year old Forrest W. Ivy of Hale 7 years on a Probation Violation
     50 year old Michelle Maglio-Say of Hale, 10 years and an ITP program for Distribution Controlled Substance
     43 year old Scott White of Chillicothe, 5 years for DWI
     34 year old Tylee Wheelbarger of Chillicothe, sentenced to CODS (Institutional Treatment) on a Probation Violation
     29 year old Jade Mock of Trenton, 7 years for Probation Violation. He is already in prison on other charges.

Livingston County Commission Meetings  3/21 6am
     The Livingston County Commissioners meet today and Thursday in regular session. The meetings begin at 9:30 am in the commission room. Both agendas include county road and bridge matters and administrative and departmental duties.
     Thursday, the commissioners will travel to Trenton to attend the Green Hills Regional Planning meeting, from 12:30 to 3:00 pm.
     The county commission meetings are open to the public.

Trenton Woman Injured Walking In I-35  3/21 6am
     A Trenton woman was injured in an accident on Interstate 35, near Lathrop. Twenty-one year old Courtney Michael of Trenton was taken to Liberty Hospital after she was struck by a vehicle at about 4:20 am Monday. The report from the Highway Patrol states Michael was walking in the median and was walking towards the troopers vehicle when she walked into the path of a vehicle driven by a Lathrop man and was struck. Michael had minor injuries. The driver of the vehicle was not injured.

Minnesota Man Arrested In Daviess County  3/21 6am
     State Troopers arrested a Minnesota man Monday evening in Daviess County. At about 6:30 pm, 29 year old Jarell Ferguson of Proctor, Minnesota was arrested for alleged possession of marijuana, no seatbelt and on a Jackson County warrant for alleged failure to appear on charges that include alleged possession of marijuana, three moving violations and two other traffic offenses. Ferguson was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail pending the posting of bond.

The Importance Of Agricultire In The Community  3/21 6am
     This is National Ag Day, a time to celebrate the importance of agriculture in our everyday lives and the importance to our communities. Agriculture touches our lives everyday, from the food we eat to the cloths we wear and even the fuel we put in our vehicles.
     As a farming community, Chillicothe Mayor Chuck Haney says it is a big part of our lives.
          <Audio:Haney 1>
     Haney says the economics of the farm families is also reflected in the community.
          <Audio:Haney 2>
     When you have your lunch or dinner or fill up your car, keep in mind, those farmers have an impact on many aspects of our daily lives, often without much thought of where many of the products come from.

Poison Prevention  3/21 6am
     This is poison prevention week, a designation to bring attention to the potential hazards in our homes. Mary Taylor from the Livingston County Health Center says we need to understand what can be considered a poison, beyond the traditional threats like cleaning supplies.
          <Audio:Taylorr 1>
     If you suspect someone has ingested a poison, call 911 immediately. Taylor says it is better to be safe than sorry.
          <Audio:Taylorr 2>
     That number again is 1-800-222-1222. There is also a Poison Control website which provides a variety of information and assistance for possible poisonings. Taylor says the Livingston County Health Center also has information available on poison prevention. You can stop by the health center or call 646-5506.

Brookfield School Board Meeting  3/21 6am
     The Brookfield School Board meets at 5:30 this evening, for an agenda which includes approval of the 2017/18 School Calendar, consideration of the health insurance renewal, renewal of the food service contract and approval of the district's cash management services by Preferred Bank. The meeting will take place at the district's conference room.
     An executive session is planned following the regular meeting of the Brookfield School Board.

More Bridge Work In Cameron  3/21 6am
     The bridges on US 36 over Interstate 35 have been open since last fall, but the work on the project is not complete. The Missouri Department of Transpiration completed the bridge deck replacement portion of the work last year, but will soon be working under the bridges.
     Beginning April 1st, motorist will find traffic reduced to a single lane in each direction to allow the workers access the structural steel girders under the new bridge decks. These girders will be blasted clean, and then recoated with a high quality paint that will help prevent deterioration over the life of the bridge.
     MoDOT says the contractor plans to work overnight from approximately 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday and around the clock on Sunday until the project is completed. Crews hope to be done with the painting on or before April 20th, weather permitting.

Douglas Talks About Proposed Tax Hike  3/20 12pm
     The Livingston County Commissioners have proposed a one half cent sales tax increase and are asking the Livingston County voters to approve the increase in the April 4th election. Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas says they chose to increase the sales tax because of who would be paying the tax.
          <Audio:Douglas 1>
     Douglas says the increase has the support of the current and former commissioners.
          <Audio:Douglas 2>
     He says they identified several areas of need where the additional funding would be used.
          <Audio:Douglas 3>
     If you have questions or concerns about the proposed one half cent sales tax increase for Livingston County, you are encouraged to contact the current commissioners or talk with Eva Danner-Horton, Todd Rodenberg or Ken Lauhoff.

Fire Destroys Home Near Chula  3/20 6am
     A fire near Chula Sunday night destroyed a home. The Chula Fire department received the call just before 7:00 pm for the fire at 12411 LIV 204. They requested mutual aid from the Chillicothe, Grundy County and Laredo Fire Departments. When the fire fighters arrived, they found the garage was fully engulfed and the fire had spread to house.
     Chula Fire Department was on the scene for about 10 hours.

Chillicothe Parks and Tree Board Meetings  3/20 6am
     The Chillicothe Parks and Tree Boards are meeting today at City Hall.
     The Parks Board meets at 5:15 pm in the council chambers. The agenda includes a discussion on the Simpson Park Playground and about the Friends of the Park. New business includes the 2017 budget projections and the report from Parks Director Josh Norris.
     At 6:00, the Tree Advisory Board meets in council chambers. The agenda begins with the discussions on Tree City USA and Tree Plantings. New business includes the 2017 projections.
     The Park Board and Tree Advisory Board meetings are open to the public.

Board of Public Works Meetings  3/20 6am
     The Chillicothe Board of Public works will meet Tuesday at 7:00 am at the CMU Office for a regular meeting. The agenda includes reports from the department heads, including the Electric Department presenting bids for substation switchgear and the Finance Director discussing policy changes for connection Fees, Pro-Rated Customer Charges and other updates.
     The Chillicothe City Council and Chillicothe Board of Public Works will meet in joint session Wednesday at Noon at the CMU Office. The agenda includes a joint CMU budget workshop session, a discussion on the Pilot or Payment In Lieu Of Taxes and a possible executive session.

Chillicothe Police Report Several Incidents  3/20 6am
     The Chillicothe Police Department report includes several incidents, arrests and a few accidents.
     Thursday, officers responded to a report of property damage in the 400 block of Elm Street. The investigation continues.
     Friday officers investigated a report of a person in possession of child pornography. A report was sent to the prosecuting attorney.
     Officers assisted EMS with a call in the 100 block of Trenton Road. One person was taken to Hedrick Medical Center for evaluation.
     Friday, Dustin L Ritchie was arrested in the 10 block of South Washington Street on a Livingston County Parole violation warrant.
     A traffic stop Friday resulted in the arrest of Amber Anderson for alleged driving while suspended and expired registration.
     Saturday, a traffic stop resulted in the arrest of Joshua G. Holtzclaw for alleged driving while suspended.
     Sunday, a disturbance in the 400 block of Dickenson resulted in the arrest of Courtney R. Michael for alleged possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.
     Stealing from a business was reported Sunday in the 1200 block of Washington Street. A suspect was identified and officers went to the 400 block of Jackson and arrested Neal James Miller for alleged stealing.
Accidents in the report include:
     Tuesday at 190 and Washington Street - No injuries were reported after a driver ran into the back of another vehicle.
     Thursday at Polk and Elm - with no injuries after a driver failed to stop at a stop sign.
     Sunday there was an accident at Hwy 190 and Grand Drive as a driver slowed on 190 to make a turn and was run into from behind.
     Sunday afternoon, an accident at Fairway and Country Club Drive left the driver of a motorcycle with minor injuries. The motorcycle driver, Ronald Jay Singer, ran a stop sign and hit another vehicle. Singer had minor injuries and refused treatment at the scene.

Accident Injures Two In Carroll County  3/20 6am
     An accident Saturday afternoon in Carroll County left two Marshall residents with minor injuries. State Troopers report 42 year old Clara Glasgow and 13 year old Tamia Glasgow were taken to Fitzgibbon Hospital following the accident on Missouri 41 in Carroll County. According the report, at about 1:00 pm, Clara Glasgow was northbound and went off the road, struck the ditch and the vehicle overturned. They were wearing seatbelts.

Several Grass Fires On Saturday  3/20 6am
     Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to three grass fires over the weekend.
     Saturday at about 1:00 pm, a grass fire was reported a 8067 Route Y. The fire crew arrived in about 10 minutes to find about half an acre burning. Leaf blowers and water packs were used to put out the fire that began as a brush pile burn. The fire crew was on the scene for about 30 minutes.
     A grass fire was reported at about 2:00 pm at Highway 65 and Route JJ. Several acres of tall grass were on fire as well as the yard near a home. The fire crew used their ATV and had mutual aid from Dawn and Green Township in putting out the fire. There was minor damage to the home. They were on the scene for about two and a half hours.
     Saturday at about 4:20, Fire Fighters were called to the area of LIV 4708 and Route Y, where they found a small grass fire on state right of way. They used approximately 50 gallons of water to extinguish the fire and were on the scene for about 12 minutes. The cause of fire is unknown.

Troopers Arrest KC Man Sunday  3/20 6am
     State Troopers arrested on person in the local counties over the weekend.  Sunday at about 11:15 am, Troopers arrested 26 year old Calvin Clark of Kansas City for alleged no drivers license and on a Platte County probation violation warrant. He was held at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.