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Stories from the past seven days

Flooding Update For Grand River 
04/28 12pm
     Flooding continues on the Grand River.  As of Noon...
At Pattonsburg the river crested at 27.3 feet and has already fallen to just above flood stage of 25 feet. Flooding a Pattonsburg will end this afternoon.
At Gallatin, the river crested at 27.41 feet. Flood stage is 26 feet and the river has fallen to 27.25 feet.
At Chillicothe, the river is rising with a crest of 25.5 feet expected overnight. Flood State is 24 feet and the river is at flood stage now.
At Sumner, moderate flooding is occurring as the river has reached 28 feet. A crest of 31.2 feet is expected. Flood Stage at Sumner is 26 feet.
At Brunswick, minor flooding is expected, with a crest at 21.6 feet. Flood Stage is 19 feet. The river should reach flood stage this evening.

Flooding Has Some Area Roads Closed 
04/28 12pm
     Flood waters have closed several roads in the northwest part of the state. In the local counties, MoDOT says the closed roads include:
Caldwell County
     Route A from Toledo Drive to Wishbone Drive, south of US 36 at Shoal Creek
     Route F from Wingate Drive to Shoal Station Drive east of Kingston at Crabapple Creek
Livingston County
     Route C from US 36 to Route DD near Utica, at Shoal Creek

Check the MoDOT Traveler Map
for the latest on roads in your area.

Two Teams Earn Silver At State FCCLA 
04/28 12pm
     Two teams from the Chillicothe FCCLA earned Silver at the State Meet. Advisor Pam Miller says Haley Lewis and Skylar Ewing participated in the Chapter Service Project competition. Their project included volunteering at the youth center and collecting hats, boots and books for the center.
     The other team, Cheyenne Harkins of Chillicothe and Torrie Stuart of Hale competed in the Life Event Planning competition. Their project included planning a birthday party, including budgeting, price checks and comparisons.
     Also attending the State FCCLA Leadership Conference was Elysha Maples as a voting delegate.

Highway Patrol Says Plan If You Travel For Graduations 
04/28 12pm
     The month of May means graduation, time for many families to come together and celebrate. Some folks will be driving to those family gatherings and parties. Sergeant Jake Angle from the Missouri Highway Patrol says take the time to plan for your trips to the parties and ceremonies.
          <Audio: Angle 1>
     Angle also has some advice for all graduates.
          <Audio: Angle 2>
     Keep the celebrations a happy event for everyone.

Bids On Agenda For Board Of Public Works 
04/28 12pm
     Chillicothe Board of Public Works will consider a coupled of bids as part of their meeting Tuesday. The meeting begins at 7:00 am at the CMU office. The agenda includes reports from the department heads and general manager.
     The Electric Department Superintendent will present bids for fire suppression equipment for the gas turbines. He will also have bids for electric metering equipment.
     An executive session is planned if it is needed.

Tornados Touchdown near Winston and Cameron 
04/28 6am
     Strong storms moved across the KCHI listening area Wednesday night. One tornado was reported near Cameron and Winston, touching down twice, just briefly. Damages near Winston include minor damage to a building and a few trees uprooted.
     There were also several reports of hail, up to two inches in diameter in Daviess and Caldwell County, with smaller hail reported with the storm as it passed across the area.
     Calmer weather today will allow officials to better assess any damages before storms return for the weekend.

Flooding On The Grand River 
04/28 6am
     Flooding is occurring on the Grand River.  As of 6:00 am:
At Pattonsburg the river crested at 27.3 feet and is falling. Flood stage is 25 feet and the latest reading is 26.7 feet
At Gallatin, the river is at or near the expected crest of 27.3 feet. Flood stage is 26 feet.
At Chillicothe, the river is rising with a crest of 26.4 feet. Flood State is 24 feet and the latest reading is 22.3 feet and rising.
At Sumner, the river is rising, with a crest of 31.3 feet. Flood Stage is 26 feet and the latest reading is 25.64 feet.
At Brunswick, the river is expected to crest at 21.2 feet. Flood Stage is 19 feet and flooding is expected to begin this evening.

Three Reports Of Stealing 
04/28 6am
     Three reports of stealing were investigated by Chillicothe Police Department Wednesday.
     At about 12:30 pm, Officers were called to the 700 block of Clay Street on a report of stealing. A suspect has been identified and charges are pending.
     At about 1:15 pm, stealing was reported in the 400 block of Locust Street. The investigation identified a suspect and charges are pending.
     And at about 7:50 pm, officers were called to the 300 block of West Business 36 for stealing. That investigation resulted in the arrest of Shelley Renee Birmingham for alleged stealing. She was processed and released pending a court appearance.

Troopers Arrest Three In Local Counties 
04/28 6am
     Three arrests are in the report from the Missouri Highway Patrol for Wednesday.
     In Linn county, at about 5:45 pm, troopers arrested 27 year old Benjamin Scott of Dawn and 23 year old Canaan Bigelow of Chillicothe for alleged Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Scott was also arrested for alleged speeding. Both men were processed at the Brookfield Police Department and released.
     At about 8:10 pm in Carroll County, 39 year old Tanya Stimpson of Chillicothe was arrested for alleged DWI and failing to maintain the right half of the roadway. She was also processed and released.

Sheriff Says MO Sheriff's Assn Letter Is Legit  
04/28 6am
     If you receive a letter in the mail from the Missouri Sheriff's Association, seeking Livingston County residents who would like to be honorary member and contribute to the association, this one is real. Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox says the organization is legitimate and provides training for sheriffs and deputies through their training academy.
     Cox says the Missouri Sheriff's Association will only contact you by mail and does not use phone calls to request donations.

Big BAM Coming To Chillicothe In June 
04/28 6am
     The Big BAM, the Bike Across Missouri is June 12th to the 17th and will include Chillicothe as one of several overnight stops. This is the second year of the ride that is similar, but not quite the same as Iowa's Ragbrai. Cherish Anderson, Assistant Director for Big BAM says this year's ride will start in St. Joseph, stopping first in Hamilton, then Chillicothe, Brookfield, Shelbina and ending in Hannibal. Anderson says the stop in Chillicothe will be at Simpson Park.
          <Audio: Anderson 1>
     This ride is open to all ages and skill levels. Anderson says the entry will include a variety of services.
          <Audio: Anderson 2>
     She says this is a family friendly event. If you want to find out more, check their website,

Flood Warnings For Grand River 
04/27 12pm
     Flooding on the Grand River at Chillicothe is expected starting early Thursday morning. The National Weather Service issued the flood warning from Pattonsburg to Brunswick.
     Minor flooding is expected at Pattonsburg beginning this afternoon and the river will rise to 31 .7 feet by Thursday morning and dropping quickly.
     At Gallatin, minor flooding will begin Thursday morning and continue into Friday morning with a crest of 28 feet.
     At Chillicothe, flooding will begin Thursday morning, with a crest of 28.6 feet early Friday.
     At Sumner, flooding will begin Thursday, with a crest of 33 feet Friday evening.
     At Brunswick minor flooding is expected to begin Thursday evening and continue into early next week, with a crest of 22 feet.

Planting Progress in Livingston Co. 
04/27 12pm
     Weather for Livingston County producers has been favorable and has allowed nearly all of this year's corn crop to be planted. Livingston County Farm Service Agency Director, Maureen Cope says things are going well.
          <Audio: Cope 1>
     She says better than 90% of this year's corn crop is in.
     Cope says it is still a bit early for soy beans
          <Audio: Cope 2>
     As the soybean planting begins, Cope will have updates on the county progress.

NCMC Tuition Will Remain the Same 
04/27 12pm
     Tuition at NCMC will remain steady. The NCMC Board of Trustees heard from President Dr Neil Nuttall as he talked about the State's higher education funding. Nuttall told the board, with promising news from the state, there will be no increase in tuition for the next academic year.
     The board also approved several new employees. They include:
Upward Bound academic adviser was Heather McCollum of Milan.
Lindsay Oram of Columbia to teach Psychology
Brittany Page of Farmington, New Mexico to teach English.

     Hired as part time or adjunct instructors:
Denise Toole of Chillicothe for Accounting
Timothy Smith of Harrisonville for the Religion class which is part of the Humanities program.

     Bids were approved for several computers monitors and mini personal computers, totaling $78,620. The bid was awarded to CDWG.

County and 4H To Plant Liberty Tree 
04/27 12pm
     A Liberty Tree will be planted on the Livingston county Courthouse Square, thanks to the Livingston County Extension Council and Missouri 4H Foundation, who provided a grant for the tree. The Liberty Tree Planting will be on the North Side of the Livingston County Courthouse, Friday at 11:00 am with assistance by the Power Clover 4H club. The tree is a Tulip Poplar, bud-grafted from one of the 14 seedlings germinated from the last original Liberty Tree in Maryland.
     The original Liberty Tree was a famous elm tree that stood near Boston Common during the Revolutionary era. In 1765, the Sons of Liberty, a group of American colonists, staged the first act of defiance against British rule under the tree. This spawned the resistance that eventually led to the American Revolutionary War.
     The Liberty Tree comes with a commemorative plaque and a certificate located inside the Courthouse for future generations to learn about the history of its placement.

Replacing Park Bridges 
04/27 6am
     The bridge in Simpson Park opened Monday and work on another park bridge is underway. The Chillicothe Street Department is repairing and replacing bridges for the Chillicothe Park System. The Simpson Park bridge needed a deck replacement and was closed for more than a week until the work was complete. That bridge, connecting the circle drive and the rest of Simpson Park opened Monday morning.
     The Street Department is now working on complete replacement of the foot bridge in Clay Street Park. This bridge connects the Horseshoe courts with the south side of a ravine and the restroom location. That bridge has been closed for a long time and appeared to be something cobbled together, including the frame of an old vehicle. The bridge was recently removed and this week, they began construction of the new bridge, built with treated lumber. Weather will be a factor in the completion of the new bridge.
     During Monday's Council meeting, Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham was critical of the bridgework.
          <Audio: Cunningham 1>
     Mayor Chuck Haney says the replaced bridge deck at Simpson Park is a vast improvement to the deterioration that was there.

Parking And Intersection Sight Lines 
04/27 6am
     Traffic flow and sight lines are an issue at the intersection of Country Club Drive and Fairway. First Ward Councilman Reed Dupy asked the council what can be done to help improve things. Dupy cited several issues, including parking close to the corner, bushes and other obstructions and the narrow road.
          <Audio: Dupy 1>
     After a brief discussion, City Administrator Ike Holland offered couple of suggestions.
          <Audio: Holland 2>
     City Attorney Robert Cowherd pointed out the city ordinance prohibits parking within 30 feet of an intersection.
     In the end, the council chose to go with simple enforcement of the parking ordinance and warning of the violators in the area, not only at that intersection, but across the city.

Keep The Grass Clippings Out Of The Street 
04/27 6am
     As you are mowing your lawn, if you live in Chillicothe you need to keep in mind the city's ordinance that forbids blowing the grass clippings into the street. Tammi Venneman says it is a violation and you can be cited and fined. Councilman At Large David Moore and Fourth Ward Councilman Paul Howard say this has become a problem again this spring. Moore says at the very least make an effort to clear the street.
          <Audio: Moore 1>
     The yard waste, like the grass clippings and leaves, can clog up sewer grates and drainage tubes and cause flooding. If you see this type of violation remind your neighbors of the ordinance, but if it continues, you should contact the Chillicothe Police Department.

Stealing Is In The Police Report 
04/27 6am
     Stealing and Shoplifting are in the Chillicothe Police Department report for Tuesday.
     Jade Marie Mock was arrested Monday in the 1000 block of Graves Street after officers were called for shoplifting. Mock was held at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail on charges of alleged stealing and possession of a controlled substance.
     Stealing was also reported Tuesday in the 400 block of Second Street. That report came in about 9:25 am. The investigation continues.

Brookfield Homeschool Drama Program 
04/27 6am
     The Brookfield Homeschool Group will have a performance of "Celebrating America," May 18th - 20th at Park Baptist Church in Brookfield.
     "Celebrating America" is a riveting, multi-media, musical performance remembering America's history with its trials and defeats while celebrating its joy and great hope for the future.
     The homeschool drama group will perform a matinee on May 18th at 2:00 pm, Performances May 19th and 20th are at 7:00 pm.
     Ticket prices are Adults- $5.00, Students (ages 5-18) $2.00, Veterans free on Thursday, but must register online. To purchase tickets, visit

More Chillicothe FFA Awards 
04/26 12pm
     Chillicothe FFA Students, with members from the Chillicothe High School and Southwest earned several awards and recognitions. KCHI has mentioned some of the awards. Here are a few more.
>  The FFA Knowledge team placed 37th and earned a group II rating.
>  In the Record Book division Colton Peel received a group I rating.
>  In Division II Prepared Public Speaking Claire Shipp earned a group II rating.
>  Parliamentary Procedure team earned a group II rating;
>  Ag Issues team placed 2nd and earned a group I rating
>  Ag Sales team placed 21st and earned a group III rating
>  Livestock team placed 2nd and earned a group I rating;
>  Farm Management team placed 39th & earned a group III rating;
>  The Dairy Cattle team placed 10th and earned a group I rating;
            Kennedie Kieffer and Maggie Pfaff both received a group I rating individually.
>  The Chillicothe Chapter placed 26th in the Chapter Activity Award.

Litton Crusaders Help At Field School 
04/26 12pm
Second Graders at Field Elementary took part in a hands-on learning experience to learn about soil. The Litton Crusaders, a group from the Chillicothe FFA assisted the younger students as they conducted a lab experiment using different materials to assist with the prevention of soil erosion. The students created erosion barriers made out of different materials, filled those barriers with soil, then poured water over them to see which prevention method worked best.
     The program gave the students an opportunity to learn about soil erosion with a little bit of fun mixed in. High school students from the Litton Agriculture Education Center conducted the activities.

New Bluegrass Association 
04/26 12pm
Fans of bluegrass music will have an opportunity to listen or jam this Saturday. A new organization, Chillicothe Area Bluegrass Association, is hosting a bluegrass jam, Saturday at 6:00 pm. It will be held at the Grand River Multi-Purpose Center, that's the Senior Center.

More Choices For TV & Internet May Soon Be Available 
04/26 6am
     You may soon have more choices for television and internet service in Chillicothe. Green Hills Telephone requested a franchise agreement with the City of Chillicothe at Mondays meeting. David Adams, general manager, says they are working on bringing fiber into the community.
          <Audio: Adams 1>
     Adams explains what services they plan to provide.
          <Audio: Adams >
     The City and Green Hills will need to work out the specifics of the franchise agreement and it is expected to be presented at the next council meeting.

Council Approves New Fire Gear 
04/26 6am
     The Chillicothe Fire Department will have new turnout gear. The City Council on Monday approved the purchase of 22 sets of Turnout Gear, the protective clothing worn by the fire fighters. The department received three bids, but only one met the specifications provides by the city. The bid was awarded to Heiman Fire Equipment with a total of just over $53,900.

Totem And Other Carvings Approved For Simpson Park 
04/26 6am
     When you visit Simpson Park this summer you may see some new carvings, including a totem pole. The City Council Monday approved designs for additional tree carvings at Simpson Park. Parks Director Josh Norris said one of the first would be a totem pole, placed near the croquet court on the road in from Walnut Street. Norris explained the design.
          <Audio: Norris 1>
     Holt says because the totem would sit in the middle of the roadway, it would have an eagle at the top that would face Walnut Street, while the rest of the pole would face towards the tennis courts.

Cultural Corner Trade-Out Rejected 
04/26 6am
     Cultural Corner Art Guild and Gallery is asking the City of Chillicothe to waive the building permit fee of $4,060 on the renovations of their building on Locust Street. In a previous council meeting the city asked Director Carrol Gregg to provide something to the city as a service, similar to how other organizations like the Y or Mainstreet provide activities for the residents or to the city. Gregg presented a proposal for memberships for city employees, that was rejected.
     Council members Tom Douglas and David Moore offered suggestions of possible programs the Guild could offer.
          <Audio: Gregg 1>
     Gregg was asked to come back with another idea and presentation for the city.

Trespassing and Harassment 
04/26 6am
     Trespassing and an accident are in the Chillicothe Police Department report for Monday.
     Monday evening, officers were called to the 10 block of 3rd Street on a report of trespassing and harassment. A suspect was identified and charges are pending.
     No injuries were reported in an accident Sunday at Calhoun and Easton Streets. Moderate damages resulted from the accident when the vehicle driven by Kelsee Herrington struck the vehicle driven by Wade Nylin.

Troopers Arrest Michigan Woman For 97 In A 70  
04/26 6am
     A Michigan woman was arrested in Daviess County following a traffic stop. Fifty-six year old Ruthie King was stopped for alleged 97 in a 70 zone. She was also arrested for alleged possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail pending the posting of bond.

City Responds To Terroristic Threats 
04/25 5pm
    Terroristic threats against city and county officials resulted in the arrest of a Chillicothe man. Fifty year old Wayne Howe was arrested after a search warrant was served in the 300 block of Park Lane. The investigation of the threats began April 19th as threats were made against the police department and City of Chillicothe government and officials, the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, and the Livingston County Courthouse.
     As a result of the search, Multiple firearms were seized and Howe was arrested for alleged making a terrorist threat, attempted assault, and possession of marijuana. Howe is held on a $20,000 bond.
     Detective Jon Maples says the Chillicothe Police Department takes these kinds of threats toward Law Enforcement and Government Officials very serious. He says they also received calls from the public, who were also alarmed by this individual. Maples says the number one concern is the safety of the community as well as our own.

Juvenile Budget On Commission Agenda 
04/25 12pm
    The Juvenile Office Budget is on the agenda for the Livingston county commission Tuesday. The Commissioners meet Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am.
     Tuesday at 10:00 is a meeting with their engineers on this year's Bridge Projects; at 1:30, the Juvenile Officer, Adrienne Lloyd will discuss the Juvenile Office Budget matters.
     Friday, the commissioners will meet at the northeast corner of the Courthouse lawn for a brief ceremony for planting the Liberty Tree. The ceremony will start at 11:00, with a short program.

Brookfield City Council Meets Tuesday 
04/25 12pm
    The Brookfield City Council meet Monday at 6:00 pm and will handle election results to start the meeting.
     Business items on the agenda include: information on their water park, MoDOT funding for their airport, a proclamation for Police Week and pay estimates for construction. There will also be reports from the Airport Board and Board of Adjustments.

Stamp Out Hunger Ends In Chillicothe 
04/25 12pm
For 20 years the Chillicothe Post Office and their letter carriers, have participated in the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive in May. That comes to an end this year. The Chillicothe Postal Carriers have seen the donations decrease each year, largely due to the food drives held by other organizations. The local letter carriers are urging area residents to support the other food drives in the area as they have with the Stamp Out Hunger Driver in the past.

A Bicycle Is A Vehicle And Can Use The Road 
04/25 12pm
    A bicycle is a vehicle and is allowed to occupy the roadway, whether it's a city street, county road or a highway. Sergeant Jake Angle from the Missouri Highway Patrol says with Spring here, bicyclists are on the roads.
          <Audio: Angle 1>
     Drivers need to remember to give them some room, and be patient when passing.
     Angle says the bicyclist also needs to be responsible when riding.
          <Audio: Angle 2>
     Bicyclists need to know the rules of the road. Ride on the right side of the road (with traffic), use you hand signals (see below), stop at the stop signs and give the right of way when appropriate.
     Some other helpful hints include: wear bright clothing so you can be seen, reflective clothing helps when riding at dusk, dawn and at night. Wear a helmet - your head with thank you if it hits the ground. Be courteous, you are sharing the road and you are the smaller vehicle.

Sexual Assault In Chillicothe Police Report 
04/25 6am
    Chillicothe Police are investigating a report of sexual assault.
     Sunday at 2:00 am, officers received the report of a sexual assault in the 600 block of Webster. That investigation is on-going,
     At about 2:15 pm, officers arrested Richard Perkins in the 1500 block of North Washington on a Platte County warrant for alleged failure to appear on a traffic charge. He posted bond and was released.
     No injuries were reported in an accident Saturday at Third and Walnut Streets. The report states Mary Harper hit a vehicle driven by Mary Murphy, resulting in minor damage.

Several Awards For Chillicothe FFA 
04/25 6am
     Awards for Chillicothe FFA members continue. The State FFA Convention was held in Columbia Friday.
     Joseph Michael Citco won the Missouri FFA Environmental Science/Natural Resources Management Proficiency Award.
     Marley Anderson and Liberty Cox were named to the Missouri Agribusiness Academy.
     Emma Leamer was awarded the FFA Alumni Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship
Two Chillicothe FFA Teams took second in the state.
     The Chillicothe Livestock Team was second out of 58 teams. Individually, the team members also did well. Ben Jones placed second, Zach Trout placed eighth, Cole Gutshall placed 46th and Gunnar Leach placed 53rd out of 223 participants.
     The Ag Issues Team place second at the State Convention, with their discussion on the feeding of antibiotics to animals. The team includes Jamie Albertson, Mason Daniel, Sheridan Guilford, Emma Leamer, Sarah Mason, Jake Sampsel and Medelyn Warren.

Troopers Arrest Five In The Local Counties 
04/25 6am
State Troopers made five arrests in the local counties over the weekend.
     At about 11:45 pm, a Pennsylvania man, 30 year old Derek Enlow, was arrested in Caldwell County for alleged No valid plates, driving while suspended, possession of marijuana and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.
     At about 6:35 pm in Linn County, 57 year old Joseph Andell of Holt was arrested for alleged DWI and no seatbelt.
     At about 10:00 pm in Linn County, 21 year old Alena Christian of Kansas City was arrested for alleged driving while suspended, expired plates and speeding.
     At about 4:15 pm in Carroll County, 60 year old John Adams of Blue Springs was arrested for alleged DWI, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding and failing to maintain a single lane.
     At about 4:35 pm in Caldwell County, 47 year old Danna Ziegler of Trenton was arrested for alleged DWI, no drivers license and failure to drive on the right half of the road.

Chillicothe City Council Agenda
  04/23 12:00pm
     The Chillicothe City Council will handle a variety of topics in two meetings scheduled for Monday. A Workshop Session will be held at 5:30 pm to discuss city finance.
     At 6:30, the regular Council session begins with the finance portion of the meeting. That will include a bid for turnout gear for the fire department and a request by Cultural Corner Art Guild and Gallery concerning their building permit fee on their renovation.
     Appearance include an amendment to the personnel policy, proposals for tree carving designs and a discussion about the intersection of Country Club Drive and Fairway.
     In the comment portion of the meeting, City Administrator Ike Holland will discuss MoDOT's Surface Transportation Program funds and the franchise agreement with Green Hills Telephone Company.
     An executive session is planned following the meeting Monday night.

Trenton Council Meets Monday
 04/23 12:00pm
      The Trenton City Council meets Monday at 7:00 pm with the appointments for several committees and approval of board liaisons.
     Bids will be presented for scrap metal, there will be discussion on the airport crack seal, and a discussion about the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission.

Brookfield  Council Meets Tuesday
 04/23 12:00pm
The Brookfield City Council meet Tuesday at 6:00. The meeting starts with handling election results. Business items on the agenda include: information on their water park, Missouri Department of Transportation funding for their airport, a proclamation for Police Week and pay estimates for construction. There will also be reports from the Airport Board and Board of Adjustments.

Chillicothe FFA Earns Top Chapter Award  04/23 6:00am
The Chillicothe FFA Chapter has places 26th out of 340 chapters in Missouri, earning a Top Chapter Award at the 88th Missouri FFA Convention. Only 10 percent of state chapters receive a Top Chapter designation each year.
     The award is given to chapters achieving excellencet in student, chapter and community development. Chillicothe student development activities included partnering with the Family Career and Community Leaders of America to host a blood drive. Chapter activities included hosting an 8th grade recruitment day and Community development activities included collecting food for the local food bank.
     The top chapters compete for the National FFA Chapter Award, announced this fall at the convention in Indianapolis.
     Chillicothe FFA Advisors are Rusty Black, Lance Martin, Leda Schreiner and Neal Wolf.

Trenton To Start Clean Sweep Program
 04/23 6:00am
     The City of Trenton has begun a clean-up program modeled after the State's "Adopt-a-Highway" program. Trenton Police chief Tommy Wright says his department is coordinating the program called "Trenton Clean Sweep."
          <Audio: Tommy Wright 1>
     Wright says there are opportunities for individuals, families, groups and businesses to participate.
          <Audio: Tommy Wright 2>
     Signs on the streets will indicate who has adopted that section of the road. To adopt a street in the "Trenton Clean Sweep" program, call the Trenton Police Department at 359-5557.

Chillicothe High School End of Year Testing
04/23 6:00am
     While many of the schools in the Chillicothe R-II School District do MAP Testing, the Chillicothe High School has End of Year testing already underway. Principal Brian Sherrow says these are course specific tests.
          <Audio: Brian Sherrow 1>
     Sherrow says there are a number of tests to administer.
           <Audio: Brian Sherrow 2>
     The High School administrators also needs to coordinate with students busy with activities, to make sure the tests taken in a timely manner.

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Linn Co
04/23 6:00am
This past fall and winter, the Missouri Department of Conservation found seven deer out of nearly 7,700 that were confirmed to be positive for Chronic Wasting Disease, which is fatal to free rage deer. Of the seven, one was found in Linn County in the KCHI listening area.
     This coming fall and winter, the Conservationists will increase its testing efforts in its Chronic Wasting Disease management zones, which include 29 counties with in or that touch a radius of 25 miles from where the disease has been found. Locally, that includes Livingston, Carroll, Chariton, Linn and Sullivan Counties in the KCHI Area.
     The Conservation Department will require hunters to present their deer for testing at a Missouri Conservation Department testing location if they harvest it in one of the 29 counties during the opening weekend of fall firearms deer season Nov 12 and 13th. The testing is free.

Sheriff Warns of Phone Scams
04/23 6:00am
Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox and his officers have been working on multiple calls of "scammers" trying different approaches on County Citizens.
     Cox says one scammer was attempting either identification theft or to obtain a quick payment number. The caller was allegedly reporting there was about to be a lawsuit against a family member.
     Cox stated he contacted the company three times with no satisfaction. He says other primary scam calls involve alleged satellite television service provider offering upgrades.
     Sheriff Cox says he hopes that sharing this information will help prevent citizens from falling for the scams. He says the best way is for the citizen to simply hang up the phone.

Area Roadwork For Next Week
04/23 6:00am
Roadwork will continue through out the KCHI listening area next week that will require for some road closures. The roads will be closed only in specific places, not the entire road.
     In Livingston County: Route J will be closed the 25th from Route H to Road 312 for a culvert replacement
Route JJ closed from H to Road 361 on the 27th for a culvert replacement.
     In Caldwell County, Six roads will be closed on various dates for pothole patching and scratch course including on April 25th Routes K and B, on April 26th Routes W and F, on April 27th Route D and on April 29th on Route O
     Daviess County will close roads for pothole patching on April 25th on Route FF and Route K, on April 27th & 28th Route B and on April 29th Route UU
     Linn County will have Route 139 closed on April 27th, Route 130 on April 28th and Route M on the 29th
     Sullivan County will have Route & closed on the 29th, Route HH closes on the 28th and Route CC on the 29th for culvert replacements