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Stories from the past seven days

P-Card Rebate  11/26 12pm
      The Chillicothe R-II School District received a rebate from the Missouri School Board Associations P-Card Program. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes says the district received just under $600 from the program that works a lot like a credit card reward program.
<Audio: Barnes 1>
     Barnes says the P-Card is not the standard method for the district to make purchases.
<Audio: Barnes 2>
     The MSBA P-Card program began in 2005. This year MSBA says there are 36 school districts participating and they have received around $130,000 in rebates.

Holiday Travel  11/26 12pm
      The Thanksgiving Holiday Travel period is underway and the Missouri Highway Patrol expects this will be a busy travel time for many families. Public Information Officer for Troop H, Sergeant Jake Angle says during the peak travel days, they have an increased presence on the roads.
<Audio: Sgt Angle 1>
     Angle says weather traveling for the holiday, or at any time during the winter, you need to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared.
<Audio: Sgt Angle 2>
     Angle says Drinking and driving don't mix. If you will be out partying, choose a designated driver and he says to make sure everyone is buckled up when they get in the car

Food Safety For The Holidays  11/26 12pm
      When you are cooking poultry, especially for a crowd, you need to take extra care to clean as you go in your kitchen. University of Missouri Extension Nutrition Specialist, Janet Hackert says be careful of cross contamination. If you are working on the turkey, make sure the cutting board, knives, counter top, utensils and even the sink are cleaned before you move on to the next task. And be careful to clean your sponge or dish cloth too.
<Audio: Hackert 1>
     For the dish cloth, keep it rinsed well and change it out regularly to ensure it is not harboring any dangers. For the Sponge, Hackert says rinse several times in clean water and then while damp, put it in the microwave oven on the highest setting for one full minute and that will kill off any of those bad organisms.
     Hackert says another good practice is to use a sanitizing solution to clean up periodically.
<Audio: Hackert 2>
     Thanksgiving morning, Hackert will talk about serving and leftovers for the Thanksgiving meal.

City To Get Vehicle Bids  11/26 6am
      Replacement of City Vehicles was back on the agenda for the Chillicothe City Council on Monday. Earlier discussions and requests to go out for bids were tabled by the council until the health Insurance matter was completed.
     City Administrator Ike Holland presented the council with a request for the replacement of three Parks trucks and the replacement of a police vehicle that had been totaled in an accident. Holland is planning on the vehicle replacements coming from the funds raised through the sale of surplus vehicles and property.
<Audio: Cunningham 1>
     Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham suggested the Parks vehicles be priced for a couple different size trucks. He also questioned the need for another police car. Councilman At Large David Moore responded.
<Audio: Moore 2>
     The council gave approval for the city to go out for bid on the vehicles for the parks department and for the replacement police vehicle.

School Board Election Filing  11/26 6am
      Filing for the Chillicothe R-II School Board election in April will begin December 16th at the District Office. The school District has two seats that will be on the ballot and the top two vote getters in the election will be declared the winners.
     The filing period for those interested in being on the Chillicothe R-II School Board runs from December 16th to January 20th. During the holiday break, December 22nd to January 2nd, the District office will be closed. Filing will resume January 3rd. Hours for filing are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except on the last day of filing when the office will remain open until 5:00 pm.
     If you have questions about filing, you are asked to contact Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes at 646-4566.
     Under State Statute, if the number of candidates that file is the same as the number of available seats, the district is not required to participate in the election.

County Commission Meetings 11/26 6am
      The Livingston County Commissioners will not be meeting Thursday due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, but they have released the agendas for their meetings for next week.
     The Commissioners will meet Tuesday, December 2nd and Thursday the 4th at 9:30 am in the 2nd floor commission room. Both meetings include county road and bridge matters and administrative and departmental duties.
     Thursday's agenda includes an 11:00 am bid opening for the BRO-059(21) bridge project on LIV 247. At 2:00 pm, the commissioners will attend the RSVP Christmas Party at Grand River Multi-Purpose Center.

Local Police Have Heightened Awareness Over Ferguson Reaction  11/25 5pm
      The reaction to the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri has made police departments across the state and across the country very aware of what is happening in their local communities. Chillicothe Police Chief Rick Knouse says even in rural Missouri, you need to be on alert.
<Audio: Knouse 1>
     Knouse says the type of reaction seen in an urban area versus what might be seen in a rural area is mainly on the scale and population, but he says even that has changed over the years.
<Audio: Knouse 2>
     Knouse says departments across the state are preparing to send officers to assist in Ferguson, if the request comes.
<Audio: Knouse 3>
     He says with any luck Mother Nature will help to calm the situation in Ferguson.

Thanksgiving Countdown  11/25 12pm
      The countdown to Thanksgiving is at two days. Hopefully if you are in-charge of the meal, you have several steps taken care of already, like shopping, some make ahead sides and of course, the turkey is thawing in the fridge. All that said, there are some numbers you need to have handy for the big day.

325°... That is the temperature to roast your turkey in the oven
165°... The temperature the meat should reach at the thickest part of the breast or thigh, without putting a thermometer against a bone
165°... The temperature your stuffing should reach weather it is in the bird or in a separate pan.

2 Hours... The maximum you should let your food stand after it is cooked before it should be put in the refrigerator. And that is two hours from the end of cooking, not the end of the meal.

     Finally, a toll free number, 1-888-674-6854, for the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline for Frequently Asked Questions of cooking and handling of meat and poultry items.  You can also check out Tom's Turkey Tidbits

Turkey Thawing  11/25 12pm
      The turkey is the one element most people will build their entire thanksgiving meal around, but for some it can be very intimidating. That intimidation begins with the thawing of the bird.
     Tina Hanes with the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline says the best thawing method is in the refrigerator. For a 12 pound bird that will take about three or more days, about 1 day for every 5 pounds. As we have less time than that now, Hanes says there is another method that is safe and recommended for a quick thaw.
<Audio: Hanes 1>
     Thawing will take about 30 minutes for each pound.
     For more thawing and cooking tips, check the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline website at or call 888-674-6854.

Filing Fees For City Elections  11/25 12pm
      The Chillicothe City Council approved an ordinance to set the filing fee for those that want to run for city elected office. City Attorney Robert Cowherd told the council Monday that the fee was taken off the books in 2012.
<Audio: Cowherd 1>
     City Clerk Roze Frampton presented the ordinance that reinstates the filing fee of $20 for those that want to run for any of the city offices. This goes into effect immediately.
     The filing will begin December 16th for the April Election. That election will include all city offices, including: Mayor, Councilman At Large, the 1st -4th Ward Council seats, City Clerk, City Auditor, City Treasurer, City Constable and City Attorney.
     Frampton says the city elections are non-partisan and there is no primary. That means the person with the most votes on April 7th will be declared the winner.

New Health Ins. For City Employees  11/25 6am
      The City of Chillicothe will have a new health Insurance for its employees, and it will not include spousal coverage. The Chillicothe City Council approved the new insurance plan from Lifestyle Health Plans, which includes raising the deductible to $5,000, a bridge plan to assist the insured with a life altering event and they approved an increase in the flex account, bringing it to $600. Earlier in the year, the city was informed they would see a 45% increase in their health insurance cost. The city was already paying about $500,000 a year for their part of the insurance, so they began looking at other options. City Auditor Teresa Kelly explained the cost to the city under the new plan.
<Audio: Kelly 1>
     Parks Director Josh Norris was part of the group researching the insurance plans and told the council that offering spousal coverage can cause problems if the spouse chooses to look on the Insurance Market Place.
<Audio: Norris 2>
     Not everyone will qualify for assistance with insurance costs.
     The council approved the new insurance with Lifestyle Health Plans, providing the employee insurance and offering coverage for their children.

Accident Leads To Arrest Of Driver  11/25 6am
      An accident Monday night in Caldwell County led to the arrest of the driver. Thirty-eight year old Eric S Johnson of Cameron was arrested at about 11:45 pm, following a single vehicle accident on Old US 36, just east of Cameron. According the Highway Patrol, at about 10:20 pm, Johnson was westbound when he drove off the left side of the road and struck a tree. He was taken to Cameron Regional Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Troopers arrested him for alleged DWI, a lane violation, no seatbelt and driving while suspended. He was processed and released for treatment.

Tree Carvings Approved  11/25 6am
      The City Council approved three tree carvings for Simpson Park. The carvings will be completed by Steve Holt at no cost to the city as the funding is from private sources.
     An eagle will be carved in a tree that was topped in the circle. It is located at the east end of the circle near the main entrance.
     A lion will be carved in a tree that is near the playground closest to Washington Street.
     There will also be a carving of a couple of bear cubs climbing a tree and that will be near the current carving of the bear.
     Again the carvings will be done at NO COST to the city.



2015 Proposed Street Projects  11/25 6am
      The City of Chillicothe will begin the engineering and design work for the 2015 City Street Projects. The City Council on Monday gave approval to begin the work needed to go out for bids on the projects on the list for next year. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur says the list includes projects that would be paid through different funds.

     From the Permanent Street Fund, the list of projects includes:

Fairway Drive from Washington to Fair, Tomahawk from Mohawk to Broken Arrow and Fairchild from Lambert to Dorney, all for Curb and gutter.

Third from Grandview to South Woodrow for curb and gutter and storm drainage.

And Bryan from Edgewood to just west of the Baptist Church and Park Avenue at the Cul-de-sac, both for concrete replacement.

     From the Street Funds Arthur plans overlays. That list includes:

Fairway from Fair to Washington,
Tomahawk from Mohawk to Broken Arrow,
Peacher from Clay to Webster,
Grandview from Calhoun to Webster,
Fairchild from Lambert to Dorney,
Third - west of Southwest Drive for replacement of bad area
And as an alternate JFK from Easton to Locust.

Chillicothe City Board Openings  11/25 6am
     The City of Chillicothe is looking for applicants to fill three openings on two city boards.
     Mayor Chuck Haney is accepting applications to fill two opening on the Board of Public Works. One for a resignation and the other due to term limits. Applicants must be a resident of the City of Chillicothe for at least two years. They must declare their political affiliation as there can only be two board members from any political party. The mayor will make his recommendation to the Council to fill the openings that are the result of term limits for Joe Tate and the resignation of Ed Douglas.
     The mayor is also accepting applications for one seat on the Chillicothe Housing Board.
     Applications for the openings on both boards can be picked up at Chillicothe City Hall and should be returned by December 10th.

Thanksgiving Trash Pick-Up  11/24 12pm
      Trash pick-up in Chillicothe will continue on the regular routes this week for the CMU Refuse Department. Refuse Supervisor Troy Figg says Customers with a Thursday or Friday Route should put the trash out as normal.
<Audio: Figg 1>
     Figg says they will have some changes when the Christmas week comes around.

NCMC Board of Trustees  11/24 12pm
      The NCMC Board of Trustees will meet Tuesday evening at the Frey Administrative Center. The meeting begins at 5:30 with reports to the board
     Old business includes a couple of policy changes.
     New Business includes A Consultant Agreement, Bids for Allied Health, The Barton Farm Campus and The Ketcham Center HVAC. They will consider a special staff holiday and personnel items will be presented.
     And executive session is also planned. The meeting of the NCMC Board of Trustees is open to the public.

Chillicothe Holiday Parade Winners  11/24 6am
      There were just over 80 Entries on the 68th annual Chillicothe Holiday Parade Saturday morning. The parade lasted just over an hour. Winners were selected in three categories and for the bands.
     For the Youth Division:
1st place to Dawn Sunrise Happy Hustlers 4H
2nd to Cup Scout Troop 120
3rd to Turning Point Pre-school
     In the Business and Organization Division:
1st place to Princesses of America
2nd to Robertson Insurance Services
3rd to Hy-Vee Food Stores
     In the Non-Profit Division:
1st Place to Bishop Hogan School
2nd to Trinity Evangelical Church
3rd to the Tornadoes.
     And for the Bands:
1st to Green City R-I,
2nd to Penny High of Hamilton
3rd to Linn County R-I.

Polo Teen Injured In Sunday Morning Accident 11/24 6am
      A Polo teen had moderate injuries in an accident near Polo Sunday morning. Sixteen year old Brittany M Sheppard was taken to Liberty Hospital with moderate injures following the accident that happened at about 8:00 am on Highway 13. The Missouri Highway Patrol report Sheppard was northbound when she lost control, went off the road and hit several small trees. The car overturned and Sheppard, who was not wearing a safety belt, was ejected.

Minor Fuel Spill When Tanker Overturns Near Gallatin 11/24 6am
      A fuel tanker overturned Saturday morning south of Gallatin, leaving the driver with moderate injures. State Troopers and Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to the accident that happened about 8:45 am on Route M, 5 mile south of Gallatin. According to the report, the driver, 53 year old Rodney Larrimore of Independence was northbound when he drove off the right side of the road and the loaded fuel tanker overturned onto its top. Larrimore was wearing his safety belt and was taken to Cameron Regional Hospital for treatment of moderate injures.
     Chillicothe Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Response Team was on hand for any fuel spill as the tanker was rolled back onto its wheels. They reported only about a 15 gallon spill from the truck.

 Courtesy of Chillicothe Fire Dept  .

Chillicothe Police Report  11/24 6am
     A stolen vehicle and a few arrests are in the Chillicothe Police Department report.
     Last Thursday, officers took a report of a vehicle stolen in the 10 block of South Washington. The vehicle was later located in Lafayette County and was returned to the owner.
     Friday, officers investigated a report of Child abuse in the 600 block of Jackson Street. An assault between two juveniles was reported near Third and Dickinson Street, that investigation continues. Officers also investigated a report of property damage in the 10 block of East 3rd.
     Saturday, Jeffery Davenport was arrested in the 300 block of Clay on a warrant for alleged driving while revoked, no insurance and failing to register a vehicle. He was also arrested for alleged possession of Methamphetamine and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. A Juvenile was also arrested at that time and was turned over to the Juvenile office.
     Sunday, a report of a dog attacking a rooster in the 100 block of East Bridge resulted in a citation issue to the owner of the dog for allowing it to run loose. Gina St. Clair was arrested in the 200 block of Cowgill on a Caldwell County warrant for alleged non-support.

Troopers Arrest Three 11/24 6am
     State Troopers reported three arrests in the local counties over the weekend.
     Saturday at about 6:30 pm, Troopers in Daviess County arrested 47 year old Patricia J Chipps of Trenton on a Daviess County warrant for alleged passing bad checks. She was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail pending the posting of bond.
     At about 11:50 pm in Sullivan County, 37 year old John J Brown of Galt was arrested for alleged DWI - persistent offender and for speeding. He was processed and released.
     Sunday, at about 5:10 pm in Chariton County, Troopers arrested Michelle Y Gerke of Pilot Grove for alleged DWI - prior offender and failing to drive on the right side of the road. She was taken to the Chariton County Jail pending the posting of bond.

Chillicothe City Council  11/24 6am
      Health insurance, streets and vehicles are on the agenda for the Chillicothe City Council this evening. The meeting begins at 6:30 pm at City Hall.
     Bids will be presented for bank depository and the employee health insurance.
Appearances include e an introduction of a new police officer, Caleb Clements, a discussion on the 2015 street projects, approval for the next Simpson Park Tree Carving and discussions on city vehicles - including a police care and parks vehicle.
     Ordinances will be presented to set the filing dates for the municipal election in April and to set the salaries for elected officials.
     An executive session is planned to follow the regular meeting.

Holiday Season Begins in Chillicothe 11/22 6am
      The first of three holiday events kicked off the Christmas season in Chillicothe Friday night with the annual Jenkins Townhouse Lighting Ceremony. Chillicothe 3rd grader Kaden Cranmer, son of the late Lindsey Cranmer, helped Mayor Chuck Haney in turning on the lights. The event was sponsored by Chillicothe Rotary with assistance from the Salvation Army.
      Today (Saturday) is the 68th Annual Chillicothe Holiday Parade starting at 10:00am rain or shine. Chamber of Commerce Director Crystal Narr says this year's theme is "Christmas in Paradise"
<Audio: Narr 1>
     Narr says this year's parade will include the Grand Marshal Dave Rogers - retired Director of the Grand River Area Family Y, and of course several bands and other entries.
<Audio: Narr 2>
     The parade will begin near Washington and Polk Streets, heading south on Washington Street to Third, east on Third to Locust and then back north through the downtown area.
     The Festival of Lights at Simpson Park is expected to begin as scheduled tonight (Saturday) at 5:30pm. In case of rain, a make-up date will be announced.

CMS Cares Day a Success 11/22 6am
Students at the Chillicothe Middle School took time away from the books on Friday to give back to the community on "CMS Cares" day, an opportunity for students to take part in the service learning project. Coordinator Larinda Davison says many of the students took part in outdoor projects like raking leaves. Superintendent of Schools Dr Roger Barnes worked with students at the Grand River Area Family YMCA where they helped disinfect some of the equipment. Students also had assemblies both before and after the projects for the day.

Milan Resident Arrested 11/22 6am
     The Missouri Highway Patrol arrested 21 year old Michaela N. Hinson of Milan in Sullivan county on felony possession of a controlled substance and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Livingston County Library To Offer Holiday Classes 11/22 6am
     The Livingston County Library will offer a Wreath making class on December 1st from 6:00 to 7:00pm. For a cost of $20, participants can make a wreath from evergreen boughs and pine cones that you can take home. To register call 646-0547
      The Children's Library will offer two Snowflake activities on December 16th and 17th from 3:45 to 4:40 each day. Each session will include a story and children will make various snowflake designs. The December Session is for kids ages 5 to 7 and the 17th for kids ages 8 to 12 years old. Pre-registration begins December 1st by calling 646-0563

City Earns National Recognition 11/21 12pm  
     The City of Chillicothe will be featured in a national publication in December. American City & County magazine will feature Chillicothe for Innovation in their December issue. City Administrator Ike Holland says Chillicothe will be recognized as a "Crown Community."
<Audio: Holland 1>
     Since 2013, Holland says Chillicothe has received several awards and recognition for Innovation at the state level including this year for the Hedrick Medical Center Project.
<Audio: Holland 2>
     Holland says the innovations for the city continue with other new projects this year, including the new Fire Training Center which opened this month and the city will soon open a new Dog Park for the community.

Chillicothe City Council Meets Monday11/21 12pm
     The Chillicothe City Council will meet Monday at 6:30pm in regular session. Bids will be presented for bank depository and the employee health insurance.
     Appearances include an introduction of a new police officer, Caleb Clements, a discussion on the 2015 street projects, approval for the next Simpson Park Tree Carving and discussions on city vehicles - including a police care and parks vehicle.
     Ordinances will be presented to set the filing dates for the municipal election in April and to set the salaries for elected officials.
     An executive session is planned to follow the regular meeting.

Trenton Council Agenda11/21 12pm 
     The Trenton City Council will have two ordinances on their agenda for Monday night. The Trenton Council meets Monday at 7:00 pm at Trenton City Hall. One ordinance is to set the filing dates for the April Municipal Election. The other ordinance is for the agreement with MC Power, their solar operator, for a PILOT Fee MC Power will pay to the city.
     Also on the agenda are bids for a police car, a proposed snow plow policy and there will be a discussion on permanently closing the 40th Street railroad crossing.
     There is no executive session planned for the Trenton Council Meeting.

CMS Cares Day11/21 12pm
     Students at the Chillicothe Middle School took time away from the books Friday to give back their community. CMS Cares Day is an opportunity for the students to take part in Service Learning Project. Coordinator Larinda Davison says many of the students took part in outdoor projects like raking leaves. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes worked with students at the Grand River Area Family Y, where they worked to disinfect various types of equipment.
<Audio: Davison 1>
     The students also had assemblies both before and after the projects for the day.