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Voters To Consider Full Time County Prosecutor  01/17 12pm
     The Livingston County elected Prosecuting Attorney is a half time position and the County Commissioners would like to see that changed to a full time position. Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas says the case load for the prosecutor dictates the amount of time needed in the position.
          <Audio: Douglas 1>
     Douglas says to make the change to a full time prosecutor needs voter approval.
          <Audio: Douglas 2>
     If passed in the April 3rd election, the winner of this year's election for Prosecuting Attorney, who would take office in January of 2019, with a full time position.
     Filing for the Prosecuting Attorney's position opens February 27th, so they need to be aware this could happen.

School Board Filing Closes - Some Have April Elections  01/17 12pm
     Filing for the area school Board elections in April Closed at 5:00 pm Tuesday, and there are a few area districts that will have an election.
     Chillicothe R-II School Board filings include: Lindy Chapman and Paul Thomas for the 2 -three year terms and Brent Turner for a 1 year term. Chillicothe will not have an election for the school board.
     Braymer School District will have an election, as they have 5 candidates for two seats. The candidates include: Ralph Rennison, Emily Davies, Lyndsey Hawkins, Jamie Clevenger and William Shawn Coats.
     Breckenridge School District has two opening and two that filed, so no election for Breckenridge. The candidates are: Mary Allred and Holly Baker.
     Brookfield School District has two openings and two candidates, so no election is scheduled. The candidates are: Bernie Hicks and Mendy Wiedeman
     For Carrollton School District, there are two open seats, but four candidates. The election includes: Alvin Brownly, Matt Lock, Brian Hutchinson and Justin Pierson
     For Chula Schools Two filed for the two open seats. They are Jacob Hibner and Steven Case.
     In Meadville, an election will be held for two open seats and three candidates. They are: Seth Link, Ellen Tsickoyak and Stacy Waterman.
     At Southwest of Ludlow, there are two open seats and the candidates that filed include: Orland Oesch and Laura Warren-Hughes.
     Tina/Avalon School District has two open seats and the candidates are: Dwight Harper and Curt Grossman.
     Trenton School District has two board opening and two that filed: Cliff Roeder and Jerry David Whitaker.

     The Livingston County Ambulance District elections include one candidate for Distirct 2 - Darrel Rinehart and one for District 5 - Ronald Garber.

Planning & Zoning Approves Historic Overlay District  01/17 12pm
     Chillicothe's Planning and Zoning Commission approved the proposed Historic Overlay District for Downtown Chillicothe. The commission sends its recommendation for approval to the City council to be considered later in the month. The proposed ordinance includes giving the city authority to make a "recommendation" to building owners on ways to preserve the historical aspects of the exterior of their building. Under the revisions to the proposal approved Tuesday, these are only recommendations, and the building owner can ultimately choose how to proceed. Ben White from Mainstreet Chillicothe explains what this means.
          <Audio: White 1>
     White says following the recommendations and advice of the committee or board is entirely voluntary and up to the building owner. For example, a new property owner who purchased a building that’s landmarked can have the landmark status dropped if they choose. City Administrator Darin Chappell says "We want to preserve the buildings' history, but if the preservation hinders business, then what's the point?" The Chillicothe City Council is expected to take up the ordinance when they meet January 29th.

District To Sell Garrison School Building 01/17 12pm
     The Garrison School property will be sold. The Chillicothe R-II School Board discusses the options for disposal of the property Tuesday. Dr Roger Barnes says there is interest in the property.
          <Audio: Dr Barnes 1>
     The majority of the board prefer to sell the property in a live auction. Announcements are expected as they finalize the sale plans.

Gallatin Man With Serious Injuries and Arrested  01/17 6am
     A Gallatin man had serious injuries in a single vehicle accident Tuesday night near Gallatin. Thirty-nine year old Kevin Caldwell was taken to Liberty Hospital for treatment following the accident at about 10:40 pm on Highway 6. According to the report, Caldwell was eastbound and ran off the road, hit a guardrail and became airborne. The car went down an embankment, hit a road sign and overturned. Caldwell was not wearing a safety belt.
     Caldwell was also arrested for alleged DWI - prior offender, careless and imprudent driving resulting in the accident, no insurance and no seatbelt. He was released for treatment.

Students Speak Out In Support Of MLK Day  01/17 6am
     Three students, a 6th grader and two high school students addressed the school board Tuesday with concerns about why Martin Luther King Jr Day was not a holiday in Chillicothe. They pointed out other schools did not have MLK day as a makeup day. They also expressed their concerns about the lack of education about Martin Luther King Jr. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes says the students made good points.
          <Audio: Dr Barnes 1>
     The Board and Dr Barnes thanked the students for coming forward and expressing themselves before the board and those in attendance at the meeting.

Bids Approved For Furniture and Technology  01/17 6am
     The Chillicothe School Board approved bids for furnishings and various technology items for the new Chillicothe Elementary School. As part of the meeting Tuesday, the board considered the furnishings for the new school. Superintendent Dr Roger Barnes says not all the furniture going to the new school is new.
          <Audio: Dr Barnes 1>
     Many of the new items are part of the Media Center, which Dr Barnes says is the first place visitors to the school will see as they enter the building. The total for the new furnishing is about $64,500.
     The technology bids were in three categories.
          <Audio: Dr Barnes 2>
     That bid is from Converge Tech Solutions of Marshall, MO and totaled $67,139, including a $2,000 discount.

Chillicothe Police Report  01/17 6am
     The Chillicothe Police report includes several investigations and traffic stops.
     Monday afternoon, officers spoke with a person about stolen property which was reported in 2017. Information was exchanged and the investigation continues.
     Monday afternoon, Officers responded to an accident at Washington Street and Polk Street. They cited a 16 year old driver for following to close.
     Monday evening, Officers conducted a traffic stop at Third Street and Washington Street. James David Ireland was cited for expired tags and no insurance.
     Monday evening, Officers took a report of a lost or stolen wallet. They were later notified that the wallet was returned but the wallet was missing credit cards.
     Monday evening, Officers responded to the 1000 block of Graves Street in reference to a report of stealing. The investigation continues.
     Monday evening, Officers made a traffic stop at the intersection of Washington Street and Dale Drive. Sarah Gerhart was cited for driving with an expired license.

Trenton Alcohol Sales Enforcement  01/17 6am
     Midland Empire Alcohol Task Force conducted alcohol enforcement in Trenton last Friday and overall, the locations in Trenton did very well. Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright says the Department participated in an underage alcohol compliance checks and during the operation an employee of the 9th Street Shell and an employee from the 28th Street Casey’s were each cited for serving alcohol to a minor. Wright points out there were about fifteen locations that did not sell alcohol to the minor.

Six Headed To Prison  01/17 6am
     The Livingston County Sheriff's Department is taking six to the State Prison System.
26 year old Shawna Frye of Brookfield - 6 years on a probation violation
27 year old Jeromy Fainter of Mendon - 5 years on a probation violation
24 year old Martavious Sullivan of St Louis - 7 years on a probation violation
28 year old James Nichols of Pennsylvania - 3 years for Possession of a Controlled Substance
28 year old Colbi Stottlemyre of Chillicothe - 4 years for probation violation
And 30 year old Jared Livengood of Chillicothe - 2 years for Possession of a Controlled Substance

Livingston County Budget Nearly Complete  01/16
     The Livingston County Budget is almost complete and Friday is the first of two public hearings prior to approval of the 2018 budget. Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas says they've had few problems with the budget process.
          <Audio: Douglas 1>
     Douglas says the 1/2 cent sales tax increase approved by the voters is helping ease the normal budget frustrations.
          <Audio: Douglas 2>
     The first Budget hearing is Friday at 10:00 am in the commission room. The commissioners will review each of the department and when complete, they will have a budget ready for inspection by the public. After the hearing, the budget is available for inspection for 10 days in the County Clerk's Office.
     A second public hearing is held near the end of the month for final approval.

School Board Meets Tonight  01/16
     The Chillicothe R-II School Board meets Tuesday evening in regular session. The meeting begins at 6:30 pm at the Administrative building.
     The meeting begins with presentations from Garrison and Dewey School Administrators to recognize staff and students and recognition of the members of the School Board.
     Reports to the board include on the Food Service Program and A-Plus program.
Items on the agenda include:
     Considering bids for furnishings for the new elementary school, technology bids for the new building, including a VoIP phone system, Security and access control and wireless networking equipment.
     Discussions will continue on the Garrison and Central School Properties.
     The board considers an intergovernmental agreement
     There is also consideration of a dedication plaque.

     The executive session includes personnel items that include the Football Coach Position, Assistant Superintendent and the superintendent evaluation.

Drug Investigation Leads To Arrests 01/16
     A Chillicothe Police Department drug investigation that has spanned several months resulted in several arrests. Police Chief Jon Maples says as part of the investigation, a traffic stop resulted in the arrest of 28 year old Travis Lee Donoho and the seizure of alleged methamphetamine.
     Saturday, officers executed a Livingston County search warrant for narcotics in the 100 block of Second Street. During the investigation officers seized approximately 6 grams of methamphetamine, marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia, methamphetamine paraphernalia, and over $600.00 in cash.
     In addition, they arrested 64 year old George William Kitchin for alleged possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute; 25 year old Austin Warren Estes for alleged possession of marijuana; and 39 year old Maria Hoke Childs for alleged possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. are currently being held at Daviess DeKalb Regional Jail.
     Investigations and arrests included the cooperation of several local department, including the Livingston County Sheriff's Department and their K9, Zaki.

Two Injured In Accident On Highway 13  01/16
     Two were injured in a head on collision Monday morning in Harrison County. State Troopers responded to the accident on Highway 13 at about 6:40 am. According to the report 54 year old Koby Whitmire of Bethany and her passenger, 39 year old Travis Goodman of Winston were injured in the accident that happened as 38 year old Jeffery Prince of Gallatin was northbound on Highway 13 and began to slide on the snow covered roadway. Prince crossed the centerline and struck the southbound Whitmire vehicle head-on.
     Whitmire had minor injuries and Goodman had moderate injuries. They were taken to Harrison County Community Hospital for treatment. Prince was not injured in the accident. All three were wearing safety belts.

Mexico Woman Held At Jail  01/16
     A Mexico, Missouri woman is in custody at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail on a Bond Revocation. Twenty-two year old Mariah Anna Mae Grant was arrested Monday in Audrain County. She had previously been charged with alleged two counts of stealing dating back to June of 2017. Bond is set at $10,000

Cold Air Affecting Area  01/16
     Cold air is moving through the area is the result of a cold front that moved in Monday. Ryan Cutter from the National Weather Service says temperatures are dangerously cold this morning, but it will warm up yet this week.
          <Audio: Cutter 1>
     This weekend, we could see the 50's and some rain.
          <Audio: Cutter 2>
     He says we shouldn’t see another drastic dip in temperatures for early next week.

No Heat At The Sheriff's Office  01/16
     One of the County buildings is without heat and it is one that needs to stay open. Livingston county Sheriff Steve Cox says their furnace went out December 22nd and they are coping as best they can.
          <Audio: Cox 1>
     Cox says the local contractor is waiting on a custom part to make the repairs.
          <Audio: Cox 2>
     Cox says they hope the parts come in soon or it warms up... or both.

Donation Helps With Grain Rescues  01/16
     An area farm family made a donation that will help others in case someone is trapped in a grain bin or pile. Fire Chief Darrell Wright says they received a donation of $3,100.
          <Audio: Wright 1>
     The grain rescue kit will provide the equipment needed to rescue a trapped farmer, grain industry worker, or anyone who could possibly find themselves in a grain entrapment. The kit goes around the person trapped, creating a temporary wall to stabilize the grain, the grain is removed from inside the rescue wall, and the person is pulled out.
     The donation was made by a family, in memory of a farmer who had passed away.

     Several area aschhos are closed for Tuesday others are lqate starts.  there have been a few changes, so check the list
-Chillicothe R-II CLOSED Tuesday
-Chillicothe Head Start CLOSED Tuesday
-United Methodist Church Pre-School Closed Tuesday
-Grand River Tech School CLOSED Tuesday
-Braymer Schools CLOSED Tuesday - revised
-Breckenridge Schools CLOSED Tuesday - revised
-Brookfield CLOSED Tuesday
-Carrollton CLOSED Tuesday
-Chula School CLOSED Tuesday
-Jamesport Schools CLOSED Tuesday - revised
-Polo Schools CLOSED Tuesday - revised
-Southwest of Ludlow CLOSED Tuesday
-Gallatin schools starting at 10:00am
-Grundy of Galt Schools 2 hour late start
-Hamilton Schools 2 hour late start
-Kingston Schools 2 hour late start
-New York R4 Late Start
-Pleasant View Schools 2 hour late start
-Trenton Schools 2 hour late start

Funeral Notices

Willard McCracken
     A Dawn resident, 91 year old Willard McCracken died January 15th in Chillicothe. Services are Wednesday at 10:00am at Lindley Funeral Home in Chillicothe with burial in Blue Mound Cemetery. Friends may call Tuesday from 12:00 to 7:00pm at the funeral home. There is no family visitation. Memorials may be made to the Cemetery.

Mary Anderson
     A Macon resident, formerly of Marceline, 92 year old Mary Anderson died January 12th. Services are Wednesday at 11:00 am at Delaney Funeral Home in Marceline with burial in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Marceline. Family visitation is Wednesday from 10:00 to 11:00 am at the funeral home.

John Constant
     A Wheeling resident, 83 year old John Constant died January 9th in Chillicothe. Services are Thursday at 10:00am at Lindley Funeral Home in Chillicothe, with burial in Wheeling Cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the funeral home. There is no family visitation. Memorials may be made to the Cemetery.

Celo Greers
     A Bucklin resident, 95 year old Celo Greers died January 13th. Services are Thursday at 11:00 am at Saint Bonaventure Catholic Church in Marceline with burial in Masonic Cemetery in Bucklin. Friends may call Wednesday

Leroy Knifong
     A Purdin resident, 68 year old Leroy Knifong died January 14th in Purdin. Services are Thursday at 1:00pm at Wright Funeral Home in Brookfield with burial in Purdin Cemetery in Purdin. Family visitation is Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to the Knifong family in care of Kym Knifong.

Curtis Ranes
     A Trenton resident, 64 year old Curtis Ranes died January 14th in Trenton. Graveside services are Friday at 1:00pm at Masonic Cemetery in Jamesport. Friends may call Thursday from 11:00 am to 7:00pm with family visitation from 5:00 to 7:00pm at McWilliams Funeral Home in Jamesport. Memorials may be made to St Jude Research Hospital or Shriners Children’s Hospital.

Charles Lester Richardson
     A Carrollton resident, 65 year old Charles Lester Richardson died January 7th in Carrollton. Services are Friday at 1:00 pm at Southside Baptist Church in Carrollton with burial at a later date. Family visitation will be Friday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm at the church. Memorials may be made to the family's choice. Arrangement are under the direction of Foster Funeral Chapels in Carrollton.